• Global Energy Demand

    Energy demand growth driven by urbanisation in developing countries and world population growth continues with strong fundamentals.

    Gas has become the fuel of choice with its low emissions levels meeting more stringent emission standards and addressing localised pollution issues. Used in power and industrial sectors, global gas demand is expected to grow by 1.9% p.a. reaching approximately 490 Bcf/day by 2035.

  • Australian Gas Market

    Eastern Australia’s gas market is currently facing an unprecedented convergence of market dynamics that have the potential to both transform it into one of the world’s largest LNG exporters, while also presenting challenges for the security of domestic gas supply.
    Since the beginning of 2015 LNG gas exports from Gladstone have resulted in unprecedented growth in demand and impact on the east coast gas market, with total demand up 200% from 1,500TJ/d in 2014 to 4,600TJ/d in 2016.

  • Gas Developments

    Developed reserves begin to decline from 2019 and as developed reserves decline, new supply sources will be critical to maintaining sufficient gas supply to meet forecast demand.

    It is forecast that production of 3,729 PJ of possible reserves and contingent and prospective resources will be required to meet gas demand to 2035.

  • Ebony Energy Solution

    Ebony Energy is pursuing the development of the Pedirka project to deliver 50 PJ/pa of pipeline gas to the constrained east coast gas market.

    Coal, mined by conventional means, will be processed in a surface plant before being transported by pipeline to the Moomba gas hub for delivery on to east coast gas consumers.
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Ebony Energy Limited is developing sustainable energy supply projects to support Australia's growth and development.