Vision & Strategy

Energy is critical to the development of world communities. Consumed in its raw form by the consumer, transport and manufacturing industries, or converted in power stations to electricity, energy supply and security is a focus of all economies and a base requirement in their growth.

World energy markets are showing strong fundamentals even as they transition future energy growth towards more environmentally improved means.

Oil as the largest of the energy sectors and a significant proportion of future supply is expected to come from unconventional means as a result of the technology developments in shale oil, tar sands, and oil shale. 

Coal is currently the largest source of volume growth in the energy market, future forecasts indicate this will diminish as China shifts away from coal-intensive industrialization.

Gas has become the fuel of choice, with its clean burning offering and transportability as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Global gas growth rates outstrip all other energy sources as conventional and unconventional sources are developed to support the energy transition.

Australia is ideally positioned for the evolving energy market, with a stable soverign environment, an abundance of quality energy resources and close proximity to the greatest energy growth markets in the world - Asia Pacific.


Company Vision

Ebony Energy has a vision to be a significant producer of oil, gas and coal supply to global markets and ensure the delivery aids value to shareholders through implementation of resource developments, mature resource re-developments and near term exploration projects in our chosen fields and within our geographical regions of expertise.



Ebony Energy will de-risk and develop the large scale energy resource assets using conventional and unconventional technologies as appropriate. These targets are characterised by significant resource potential and capability for large scale operation with options for multiple end use markets. The Company has maintained a diversified strategy in the development of its energy portfolio in response to the structural changes that have occurred in energy markets due to global resource discovery and policy changes.

Partnering with proven technology partners early in their commercialisation lifecycle provides opportunity for considerable value appreciation and more informed development. 

Shareholder funds will be conserved through a lifecycle approach to exploration and development and the identification and engagement of suitable end use development partners at relevant times.

Ebony Energy is focused on the low sovereign risk regions of Australia, Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

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