Andado Project

Ebony Energy has identified the Andado Project in the Northern Territory as having the potential to provide significant energy supply to the constrained east coast gas market in Australia. 

Located near to the largest gas distribution hubs at Moomba, the project is ideally placed to provide gas supply to the south eastern states. West of the Andado Project, the railway line connecting Darwin and Adelaide adds export opportunities with access to unconstrained port facilities in either city.


Andado Project Summary

Northern Territory


100% owned

Resource Basin


Resource Type

Thermal Coal


796 kmĀ²


2 Granted Exploration Licences


Geology & Regional Exploration

The coal geology of the Pedirka Basin is contained in the Upper Permian aged sediments of the Purni Formation and is formed on top of the Devonian basement of marine sediments. The Lower Permian sediments are typically conglomerates and coarse sandstones, fining upwards into the Purni Formation which contains fine grain carbonaceous sandstones, siltstones, claystones and coal.

The Purni coal formation has been identified from drilling, sample and analysis to contain multiple large coal seams of thermal coal. 


Pedirka Seismic

Andado Project Granted Tenements 


Infrastructure & Markets

Ebony Energy is working with vendors on various project aspects including:-

  • mine and plant design,
  • pipeline routing and interconnection design,
  • offtake and gas supply requirements

These activities will enable Ebony Energy to complete the project dimensioning in preparation for mining and pipe route applications.