Sustainability for Ebony Energy is about operating our business in a responsible and well considered manner, to maximise return to shareholders while sensibly managing the economic, social and environmental risks inherent within our industry.

Ebony Energy will demonstrate our commitment to responsible behaviour through:

  • Enhancing the governance structure and supporting management systems and processes
  • Conducting materiality assessments through consultation with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Reporting on our performance data
  • Ensuring all have respect to those who we deal with and in compliance with stated objectives
  • Compliance with the laws that govern our operations
  • Acting honestly and with integrity and fairness in our dealings
  • Avoidance, or management, of conflicts of interest
  • The appropriate use of the assets of the Company for the benefit of its shareholders
  • Contribution to the wellbeing of the Company’s key stakeholders.

The Ebony Energy Board has overall responsibility for the integrity of the company management systems. The management of the Company’s risks ensures an integrated company-wide approach to the incorporation of risk and reward consideration on material business decisions.

We are committed to engaging in and maintaining positive, long term, trusting relationships with regional and indigenous communities where we operate by adopting the following principles:

  • Acknowledge and respect the historical and ongoing indigenous connection to country through cultural and spiritual sites, language and ceremony.
  • Engage in meaningful, open and honest consultation and ensure conduct is respectful, patient and in good faith.
  • Work to promote an understanding of energy exploration and production operations and have an appreciation that knowledge of the industry may be limited within regional and indigenous communities.
  • Ensure our employees and contractors have appropriate cultural awareness and are aware of their obligations towards the protection of cultural heritage sites, regional and indigenous relationships.

Our goal is to build strong relationships with the communities and demonstrate that Ebony Energy is committed to being:

  • A good corporate citizen through the employment of local labour and contractors where possible
  • Supportive of worthwhile causes in these regions
  • Clear and timely in its communication of its operational plans

Committed to minimising impacts on the community during operations and leaving a positive social legacy after those operations have completed.